Jul 4, 2013

Vietnamese food part 1

Today I was at a quite famous restaurant in Ha Noi: "Ao Ta", which means our pond. It reminds the image of a small village, people sitting in their small garden next to their pond, having the simplest and most delicious meal together.

Starting with the egg and crab soup

Or the cabbage roll meat soup

Some nems (also with crab as ingredient inside)

Sparrow salad

Lotus flower salad

Grilled eel in bambou shot

Pork ears in spring roll

Sticky rice cooking in bambou shot

Ending with hot potage of tofu with escargot and banana flower

It's been very long time that my sister and me could enjoy such authentic vietnamese food ^^

As for the drink, I choose smoothie watermelon to complete the meal during this hot summer day!

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