Nov 13, 2012

Good and bad

The notion of good and bad is certainly the most presented in people mind. Since we were a kids, parents tried to teach us what good was, what bad was. Education also aims to help us distinguishing these two concepts. However, the notion hasn’t been clearly defined yet, or at least, it exists no common thought for everybody.

In general, things that make us feel well and happy are considered as good. It is often the case when our desires are fully satisfied. Talking about a little boy who was spoilt by his parents by giving him everything he wishes, other kids might, at first, be jealous of him. But seeing how unhappy he is when he obtains everything he wants and doesn’t know what he really needs anymore or when he will be on the bum, they will realise how lucky they are and thank their parents for not indulging them.

There is a moment when we enjoy the pleasure, and later, when we regret and blame ourselves. Everything that pushes us in this position can’t be regarded as good and should be avoided since the happiness it brings is just ephemeral, while the misfortune, which is the consequence, lasts long time after. 

On the other hand, sometimes we have to suffer first and then rejoice afterward. It is the case of bitter medicine which is, however, good for the health or a very painful operation which can cure the illness and save our life. If we have to choose between short moments of pleasure then a lifelong misfortune and a passing suffering then an eternal happiness, I don’t think most of us will hesitate to opt for this second alternative. As Alain Botton once said: “Not everything that makes us feel better is good for us. Not everything which hurts is bad.”

Copyright text Huong Ly Dang

Nov 3, 2012

20 oct. flower from mon cherie

Un beau cadeau est un cadeau qui vient du coeur de celui qu'on aime. Cette rose n'a pas la valeur d'un diamant ou un sac de marque comme toutes les filles demandent à leur copains de les acheter, mais pour moi, elle vaut même plus que l'or. C'est l'intention qui compte comme on dit. :) 

Watch: Swatch
Vintage clock: CASA
Lindt chocolate box
Chopstick Hello Kitty

After 2 weeks, the flower is still blooming. I really love this rose. I find it very charming with its two color, white and rose. Moreover, I appreciate it because of the one who gives it to me :">

Oct 18, 2012

Back in some old time

Envie un peu de chic rétro aujourd'hui... Un pantalon au couleur bordeaux  mixé avec une chemise en soie fluide au col doré, à quoi s'ajoute un blazer noir quand le temps fait frais sera le tenu parfait pour une soirée au bar... En disant ça mais j'avoue, aller au bar n'est pas mon activité quotidienne. Même que les fois où j'y étais durant ces 18 années peuvent être comptés sur le bout de mes doigts T___T 

Blouse: Cubus
Red wine pants: H&M

Black blazer: Pimkie

Sep 20, 2012

The collection of my animal rings

Ces temps-ci, je suis vraiment fan des bagues en forme animaux. Comme la mode de vintage revient cette année, il n'était pas difficile de trouver ces petits bijoux dans les boutiques de marque moyenne pour des prix vraiment avantageux. Chaque jour un nouvel animal au doigt ou une combinaison de trois bagues en même temps est juste parfait, accompagné des petits robes ou pull vintage. 

All of them are bought in Claire's, except the snake ring I find it during the sale in Charles Vögele. 

Aug 30, 2012

Hand made stuff during this summer 2012

Comme c'est mon tout premier vrai vacance depuis la rentrée scolaire de la dernière année du collège, j'ai bien profité pour réaliser le plus possible de bricolage. Mon bonheur se réalise lorsque je peux transformer les simples petits objets que maman voulait jeter en des bijoux et des peluches trop trop chou <3 Toutefois, ma chambre commence à devenir un vrai grenier T.T

This one is a very special bracelet made from nut and bolt. It really gives you a cool look when you mix it with some denim jacket or colourful pant. 

My new sleeping-companion ^^. I actually customize it from an old jacket from my lil' sister XD. It is suppose to be an owl, but I have to recognize it looks more like a purple Pikachu :">

This bracelet is also very special :">. Guess what, it was just a simple aluminium paper (the thick one) that we usually use to bake, before I transform it and give it a new life :) 

This earcuff in form of the G key is made from a mettalic thread. It's my favourite accessorize for the moment :) 

Aug 22, 2012

Purity of whiteness

La couleur que je préfère le plus au monde est le blanc. Toutes les variétés de blancheur, du transparence à l'opaque, symbolisent pour moi la pureté absolue. Elle est liée à l'idée du bien, de l’innocence d'un petit enfant, de la lumière qui éclaire toutes les pensées sombres. 

It's a flower pattern knitted dress that I bought in a shop called Cubus in Oslo.

It really gives a vintage style when u add a perfume-bottled necklace. 
Necklace: Claire's

The originality of this is in its simpleness. 

Jun 11, 2012

Modelling during this summer

Je me suis amusé un peu à prendre les photos toute seule avec mon Canon Ixus 105 et un trépied durant cette vacance d'été. Le résultat a été assez satisfaisant, notamment grâce à une retouche avec l'application photo effect studio (PEStudio) sur mon Itouch.

Voilà ce que ça donne:

Maxi dress bought in Hoi An Market.

Dress: Carrefour France
High-heeled shoes: Graceland, Dosenbach

Maxi dress: Hoi An Market
Blouse: Carrefour France

Apr 20, 2012

Adversity and power

Human beings are weak. They are vulnerable to nature. They can do nothing against natural hazards, illness, and old age. Life is so hard and full of tests for human strength, durability and true willingness to live. But as human beings are also a breed of survivors, we survive in the worst of situations. We were able to recover from the two World Wars that left us in economic and emotional depression as a result, and live through other worst manmade or natural calamities. It’s our inherent nature to survive that allows nearly all men to withstand many hardships.

Despite this, it doesn’t mean that human beings are good. As Lincoln once said: “Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power.” Lincoln was no stranger to adversity; nearly all biographies and illustrations concerning the greatness of Lincoln stress the many setbacks and hardships he endured before he reached the presidency. But he was respected mostly for his leadership capacity and for being fair to his people. 

Power is also a great challenge for a man. It is as dangerous as money. Both have the same capacity of influencing people’s characters. As people are weak, whenever there is an opportunity to obtain power, they will seize it. Firstly, it is to defend, to protect themselves against the dangers and the threats coming from nature or from the other individuals. That’s the inherent nature of human beings; we can’t really blame them for that. It’s a need of security, which can only be satisfied by the fairness of a legal system. 

Secondly, power makes their life easier and for that, I am referring to slavery, to the monarchy system, to how powerful and rich people can allow themselves to have slaves and servants, to perform all the work at their place, while they are eating, sleeping, enjoying life fully. Dictatorship is exactly the same. The dictator takes advantage of his power to impose laws, thoughts, ways of living on people, frightening them into submission. The latter are man with bad character, who abuse power and use it solely for their own self-interest. A real good man, on the contrary, will not abuse power or will not let power corrupt him. He will use it for the common good. It’s the best way to test a man’s character, by giving him power, watching him handle it and observe his leadership. 

Here we can also see the necessity to divide the powers: powers should not be in the hand of one man. The French Revolution is a good illustration for this idea with its separation of powers into 3 different ones: legislative, executive and judicial; each one keeps an eye on the others.

In conclusion, as human beings are weak and selfish by nature, we can only judge them on their capacity and will to surpass themselves.

Copyright text: Huong Ly Dang