Aug 30, 2012

Hand made stuff during this summer 2012

Comme c'est mon tout premier vrai vacance depuis la rentrée scolaire de la dernière année du collège, j'ai bien profité pour réaliser le plus possible de bricolage. Mon bonheur se réalise lorsque je peux transformer les simples petits objets que maman voulait jeter en des bijoux et des peluches trop trop chou <3 Toutefois, ma chambre commence à devenir un vrai grenier T.T

This one is a very special bracelet made from nut and bolt. It really gives you a cool look when you mix it with some denim jacket or colourful pant. 

My new sleeping-companion ^^. I actually customize it from an old jacket from my lil' sister XD. It is suppose to be an owl, but I have to recognize it looks more like a purple Pikachu :">

This bracelet is also very special :">. Guess what, it was just a simple aluminium paper (the thick one) that we usually use to bake, before I transform it and give it a new life :) 

This earcuff in form of the G key is made from a mettalic thread. It's my favourite accessorize for the moment :) 

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