Jun 26, 2013

Journey to Korea

Leaving Geneva behind, I was preparing for my big holidays in Vietnam, Hanoi, where I was born and lived until 9. But before, I will enjoy the first day in Seoul, the capitol of Korea, land of drama and stars ^.^

Small suitcase with all my clothes. I chose a long pants and sneaker with a light cardigan cause it's always freezing on the plane.

It really takes nearly 16 hours to get to Korea. Long journey on the plane in addition to the tiny sitting place of economy class, all my body hurts at the end. I could merely sleep for 3 hours, having any place to lay my head on. All I wished was my comfortable bed.

Nowhere can be compared to HOME.....

Food on the plane is also something terrible. I usually just take chocolate, coke, biscuits to keep my energy above average. 

Making a transit at DOHA airport, I enjoyed myself with a strawberry smoothie. 

During this whole journey, I have time to watch 3 films: Enchanted, Ratatouille and Oz the great and magnificiant wizard. Hopefully they were there to entertain me, otherwise I will just get bored on the plane, being unable to sleep. 

A pict with my lil sist. She is as exhausted as me at the end of the journey, but finally we made it...

First picture of Seoul.....

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