Jun 4, 2015

Beauty ingredients you should always have in your kitchen

For a skin care basic, here is the saving-money ingredients you should have in your kitchen ! Now let's make some CAKE, oops...beauty care potions :D
  • Whitening teeth toothpaste : baking soda and lemon
Mixing them together in order to have some paste. Use it alone everyday or mixing it with a little normal toothpaste if you don't like the taste. Your teeth will get brighter everyday and whiter after 2 weeks.
  • Face or body scrub : brown sugar and lemon
Cut half of the lemon and soak it in some brown sugar on the plain face. You can use it to scrub your body and face during 5 min. Be careful to avoid open-skin zone because lemon acidity can hurt your skin and don't scrub too hard.
  • Lip scrub :  brown sugar and a spool of honey
  • Brightening face mask : flour, milk and honey
1 tablespoon of flour powder
1/2 tablespoon of milk
1/2 tablespoon of honey

Do it twice per week, letting 15-20min. before washing your face with mild water. Using mild water or even cold water help to tighten your pore.

Variant : using a white egg only
  • Purifying face mask : oatmeal, lemon, white egg
15gr oatmeal
15ml lemon juice
1 white egg (or a pot of yogurt)

Do it twice per week, letting 15-20min. before washing your face with mild water. Using mild water or even cold water help to tighten your pore.
  • Make-up remover : use olive oil with a cotton pad. It will even gently remove water-proof mascara. 
  • Detox cup of water in the morning : a cup of warm water with a spoon of honey
It helps to purify your intestin after one night and prepare your body for a day long.

  • A skin care bath : mixing 500ml milk (alone or with 2 cups of oatmeal) or 5 tablespoons of olive oil and relax yourself during 15-20min. in warm water
  • Skin lotion during shower : apply olive oil all over your body, while in the shower, right after using shower gel. Olive oil will make your skin extremely soft and very smooth. No need to buy body cream or lotion anymore !
  • Whitening your nails : wash your hand and nail with lemon. 
  • Finger skin protector : Apply your nail colour without getting your finger skin dirty ?  use olive oil.
  • Hair mask : yogurt, honey, olive oil
1 pot of yogurt
2 spools of honey
4 spools of olive oil

Letting your hair absorb the mixture during 30min. before washing it off with mild water. Using cold water as last rinse for a shinny hair finish.

Variant : during 15-20min.
1 egg
5ml lemon juice

OR during 10-15min.
2 honey spools
2 cups of milk
  • Dry Shampoo : don't have time to wash your hair ? No worry, just spread some baking soda over your hair, comb, fluff and enjoy a voluminous style !

Hair care tips :
  1. not washing it too often, once every 2 days using shampoo. The other days you can just use cold water for a rinse, or with some apple vinegar
  2. dry natural, no heat
  3. use low poo instead of shampoo
  4. hair mask at least once per week
  5. use mild water for usual wash (not too warm, not too cold)
  6. not touching hair with your hand because it is exactly the source of dirtiness

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  1. Excellent post, will incorporate these tips into my routine, never heard of using baking soda and lemons before but it looks promising, also i can't believe how many people ignore the importance of drinking water, it's often the simplest things that have the best results, I was able to whiten my teeth several shades better thanks to having a strong foundation and it includes things like simply drinking lots of water that and following a good daily routine I found , in case you want to follow this routine you can see it at http://aestheticreview.com thanks for the post Huong-Ly Dang and never give up on your journey to a brighter smile!