Jun 5, 2015

My daily routine reveals

  1. Keep your skin clean : the source of every skin problem comes from dirtiness. Never go to sleep or wake up without cleaning your face. I recommend to use the liquid facial soap from Clinique, with the Clarisonic brush for a brighter and more glowy complexion.
  2. Tone your face : clarifying lotion is the second step of my skin-care routine. If you don't want to spend money on that, a simple way is to use cold water to rinse your face instead. This helps tightening your pore.
  3. Moisturiser : winter or summer, your skin deserve to get nourished. This *dramatically different moisturising gel* from Clinique can serve as  primer for your make-up. It absorbs into your skin very quickly.
  4. Eye cream : one of the mistake is to think that only older people would need an eye cream to treat their wrinkle. We should use eye cream to prevent wrinkle since early age and it helps to apply smoother eye colours as well.
  5. Dark eye circle treatment : I don't know you, but unfortunately I have panda eyes. This one from Clinique is from far the best dark eye corrector that can be applied twice per day. The results are visible after one month. But of course, nothing can replace enough sleep hours and drinking a lot of water !
  6. Keratasse Oleo Curl : I start to make permanent coiffure for a year now and everytime I wash my hair, I need to use this cream to hydrate my hair better and it smells just irresistible.
  7. Make-up remover : you are not allowed to let make-up stay all over your face for more than 24 hours. It's the worst thing you can do to your skin. Use Bioderma Crealine : your skin would get the most gentle treatment ever.
  8. Night serum : you sleep on average 8 hours per night. Why don't we use these 8 hours for beauty care as well ? As time is money, I would recommend to apply face mask, hair mask overnight, or simply use some skin regenerating / peeling face serum to make sure that on the morning when you get up, your skin is fresh like reborn.

Notes : if you have some skin problem, try one of my solution above !

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  1. Want to try this "TEA TREE" by BODY SHOP :)
    Maria V.